To Norway

This weekend I am heading north into Norway and thought I should brush up on some popular Norwegian TV in preparation for the trip.

Norwegians have a strong connection to their landscape and it isn’t more evident than in the broadcasting of a train journey from Bergen to Oslo, minute by minute! Thousands watched the seven hours in took the train to journey through Norway and it was such a success that the network decided to do the same with a ferry. Which turned out to be even more of a hit with hundreds of thousands watching online.

The tunnels make very interesting TV!

Watch the 130 hour cruise along the Norwegian coast in 5 minutes HERE.

A Day at the Races

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These aren’t any reindeers, these are probably the top reindeers in the country. This handful of reindeers had been selected and trained to participate in the Crazy Reindeer Cup. A competition where up to four teams ran a circuit, a time trial to find the fastest team. A team consisted of one reindeer and what I could only describe as a jockey who held on to the reins while skiing behind!


Hotel Kakslauttanen is located in Northern Lapland in the vicinity of the Urho Kekkonen national park and is only 35km from the Ivalo airport. The hotel owns forty log cabin, the world’s largest smoke sauna, two Lappish tent restaurants and a snow restaurant. Hotel Kakslauttanen is also home to the famous Igloo Village that is often seen throughout articles of best places to stay lists. The Igloos have been developed using a specific glass that allows tourists to view the Northern Lights from their very own bed. They encompass both the imagery of Finland and the practical answer to tourist’s demands.

Jussi Eiramo is the man behind Hotel Kakslauttanen. He moved to the area in 1973 looking for a place to camp while on a fishing trip and thought to himself that he could start a business here. First he built eight cabins and a small cafeteria and business was difficult in the beginning as the area wasn’t known as a tourist destination for international visitors. It wasn’t until 1991 when Eirmao packed up his car and went on a marketing trip throughout Europe. Now, 98% of the visitors to the hotel are foreigners as well as more than half of the employees. The area rose into the international spot light with the introduction of the igloo’s and soon made its way into the National Geographic magazine. Now with twenty glass Igloo’s they have become the main motivator for people to visit the region. To lie under the sky and watch the Northern Lights from the comfort of their bed.

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Hotel Kakslauttanen is a unique idea and product has been created and developed in Finland in order to increase the amount of tourists visiting the area. Eiramo has created a unique product that has changed the face of tourism in Lapland forever. He has created a resort that answers tourist’s demands while maintaining its Finnish identity, setting the way for others to follow.

If you want to see more watch a video from the Igloo Village HERE.

Is the glass half full or half empty?

We have often discussed how beer is served in Finland and it is always a rare surprise when you receive a beer filled to the brim. But more than likely you are going to feel a little short changed when your ‘pint’ arrives.

A friend of mine summarised it perfectly:

“I don’t want to be pessimistic but its actually half empty.”


Ice Cold Gig

Lainio Snow Village was the venue for a very unique gig. The Ice Cold Gig presented by Jägermeister. A stage made out of giant blocks of ice, the drums placed on top of one of the igloo’s that make up part of the Snow Village, the crowd standing outside under the Northern Lights in the chilling Lapland temperatures. The band, Tesseract from the UK.

Ice cold gig

Tesseract, Lainio Snow Village